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Unattended Children Policy

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To ensure the safety and well being of the children and maintain an atmosphere of constructive library use.


      1. Responsibility for the welfare and the behavior of children using the library rests with the parent, guardian, or responsible caregiver.  Though staff will always respond with care and concern, they cannot assume responsibility for children's safety and comfort when they are unattended. 
      2. Supervision of children:
        1. Preschool children should be in sight of and supervised by a parent, guardian, or responsible caregiver.  Parents or caregivers of preschool children are expected to remain in the library while children are attending library programs.
        2. Older children able to maintain proper library behavior may use the library unattended, otherwise they should be adequately supervised by a parent, guardian, or responsible caregiver. 
      3. Staff may, as needed:
        1. notify parents, guardians, or responsible caregivers whose children need additional supervision;
        2. contact authorities such as the Police either to assist with the enforcement of discipline in the library or to ensure the safety of an unattended child.
      4. Staff will make a reasonable effort to assure that children leave the library comfortably and safely at closing time.  At least two staff members will remain in the library if a minor child is in the building after closing.  If any children remain at the library 15 minutes after closing, staff will contact the Trinidad Police Department to ensure safe transport.